Get you a partner whose form of

This is more or less another way of saying you need to get yourself someone whose idea of everything stands close to yours -  including their idea of sex, its frequency and the manner in which it should be done.

Imagine being in a relationship with someone whose idea of sexual activities is far, far distant from yours or one with a sex drive that is too low compared to yours.

Mind-boggling, right?

Here are seven feelings you will be familiar with when you enter a relationship with a guy who has a  lower sex drive than yours.

1. Awkwardness

While it's cool and advisable to initiate sex, you really don't want to be in a position to be the one initiating it all the time.

Imagine the mighty awkwardness of initiating sex on Monday, and Tuesday and when Thursday comes around and you want some again, having to initiate it again could be a bit uncomfortable for you.

It's a guy's thing, right?

2. Is he really attracted to you?

No matter how many times he tells you that you are sexy and that he loves your body, you'll be doubtful of those words when the sight of you [even in the baddest lingerie] never makes him hard.

3. Suspicion

Of course, having been with other partners who have normal sex drives, you know guys almost always want sex, and if they are not angling for it, it's probably because they are getting it elsewhere.

So you begin to wonder if he's been getting it from another source.

A co-worker, maybe?

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4. Relationship gets stressed

If sex four times a week is what you consider ideal and all you get is just once in two weeks, and sometimes, in a whole month.

The tension is surely going to spill over to other parts of the relationship and cause problems.

5. You're jealous of your friends

While you're struggling with your lack of sex, your friends are getting laid proper and they glowing and telling you about it.

And it makes you so green with envy.

6. You consider cheating

Getting back with that ex with the endless desire for sex won't seem such a terrible idea anymore.

The more you think about it, the more you are tempted to reach out to him on Facebook

"Hey, Big head."

7. The relationship tires you

Everyone wants happiness and everything that does not contribute to your happiness is meant to be avoided like a plague.

A healthy dose of regular sex makes you happy but your partner does not do regular. He does erratic and inconsistent.

And you're just frustrated and tired.