So you have proposed, she has said yes and both families have agreed and fixed a wedding date.

Expectedly, your wife-to-be will [rightly] be all over the place, getting seriously prepared for the big day.

But shouldn’t you get involved somehow? Of course, you should!

Here are the cool ways for you, groom, to get involved in wedding preparation and show your bride that you won’t leave her to face situations alone [as the proper husband material that you are].

1. List the areas you’ll help with

Picture how nice it’d feel for your bride if you sat her down and listed all the aspects of the wedding you’d handle, without being pursued and ceaselessly cajoled to do so.

It is not enough to just get your financial input into the wedding; you should assist with selecting vendors such as the videographer, photographer, DJ… and all.

You could also pick a music playlist together… that’d be fun, don’t you think?

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2. Be there for her

OK, guys often feel detached from the wedding preparation, leaving the lady to figure things out because we feel it’s bridal stuff and the bride should handle it.

This is true but nonetheless, no matter how many friends she has or how many vendors she employs, she’s getting married to you and she’ll need your input even if you have no idea and have to just nod at everything she says.

The point is to try and be there for her, especially when it’s getting a little too overwhelming for her. Your presence and willingness to be involved [in any capacity] means a lot to your bride.

3. The honeymoon is yours to plan

You have to get this one right as it is squarely in your care. The logistics, planning and other things for a successful honeymoon should be handled by you.

My guy, better don’t mess this up.

Extra tip: You could also write a special love note or a little poem and send it to your bride on the wedding morning, as preparations are ongoing.