Conflicts in a relationship are mental, emotionally and sometimes, physically draining. Yesterday, we shared on what it means not sweating the small stuff, in order to avoid conflicts in relationships.

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Now, we’ll list out common things or situations that we tend to sweat the small stuff and how to better manage those situations in order to avoid conflicts. You know you are sweating the small stuff when you find yourself in any of the following situations:

Not focusing on what is important

When it comes to avoiding conflicts, you have to always decide at every point in time which is important to you, your lover or winning an argument? Focus on your relationship goals and let things go for real, never to store them in your archive of wrongs.

Letting others imperfections get to you

If your partner likes to leave the toilet seat up or down, press the toothpaste from the middle, leave their underwear on the floor or won’t do the dishes except you do, it is never good enough reason to call it quit. Relationships are meant to build us and compliment our shortcomings.

Having to Make Your Points Clear in an Argument

Arguments are just what it is, ARGUMENTS. Often times, our ego comes in the way and we just don’t want to listen to the other person’s points of view. If you were right, sooner or later, your partner will realize this.

Fighting Every Battle

Sometimes you find yourselves regretting what you did or said to your signification other on the verge of anger. It is important you choose your battles wisely. Not every battle is to be fought and even if they are worth fighting for, it is wise knowing how to choose which is worth the expense of your relationship.

Taking Things Personal

Due to individual differences, some people are more emotionally sensitive than others and would read meanings into every little thing. If you are that type of person, you need to put yourself in check and refrain from making quick judgments. If your partner is the one who takes things too personally, you need to constantly communicate with them and reassure them about your actions.

Relationships are about making compromises in love. So next time crises want to surface, remember not to sweat the small stuff.

Written by Oluwakemi Adetola