No matter how many dates you have gone for or how much you like meeting new people, going on a date with someone new can still be nerve raking.

Even full blown adults will agree that the feeling of awkwardness usually surfaces at the initial part of a first date. The problem often starts with what to talk about, what to wear or if your date will find you fancy enough and so on.

Not to worry, all of these feelings are usually just in your head. Here are tips to help break the ice on a first date.

1. Get Over Yourself

There are high chances that your date is as concerned about impressing you as you are. So stop fussing over appearing super perfect. Just be yourself, and don’t over think your actions or what have you. Wear what is comfortable and let everything flow naturally.

2. Avoid the Interview Conversation Style

Many people try to break the ice by asking the cliché questions we all know about, ‘So how are you? Tell me about yourself etc’ until they run out of those questions. Be creative. Let the conversation flow from everyday kind of chitchat.

3. Make the Conversation a Gist

Take a cue from the chats you have with your friends. Talk about anything ranging from a hilarious post you saw online, a topic of viral discussion,  share little things like experiences, observations or what was a very engaging discussion you’ve had with friends.

4. Adopt Some Sense of Humour

Humour does a lot to ease tension and breaking the ice. The best speakers and communicators usually adopt the use of humour in their speech. You can also tease your date in a friendly humorous way.

Hope you effortlessly break the ice on your next first date or anytime you meet someone new.

Written by Oluwakemi Adetola