Nigerias first gay man has now been married for the best part of two months at the time of post.

Pictures from his November wedding has however been few and sketchy until now... the activist finally lets us in on some of the moments of that ceremony.

In an interview with Kito Diaries, an oline LGBT platform for Nigerians, Bisi released his official wedding photos and speaks about what his wedding means to him.

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"It feels good to hear my wedding being regarded as an LGBT 'reference point," he begins.

He then continues to add that despite the political implications of the union, it has always been about the love he has for Anthony

"...I was marrying the man I love and although we both know our marriage was a political 'f*** you' to our countries, the most important thing that day was two people in love getting married" he says.

Bisi Alimi is the first ever Nigerian to come out openly and speak about his same sex tendencies, granting a tella-all Interview on Funmi Iyanda’s “New Dawn” in 2004.