Ladies, what do you think of ass grabbing as form of displaying affection? Guys, do you consider it one of the ways of showing affection to your boo in public?

Public display of affection [PDA] as a concept describes any form of physical contact between couples in a public setting. It includes everything from kissing and cuddling to holding hands or exchanging light touches.

One other popular form of PDA is butt grabbing. You’ll see it in Instagram posts, in pre-wedding pictures, and if you have kept tabs on Kanye West for a bit, you must have seen him do it on the red carpet more than once.

But how do various individuals react to this? Because opinions on issues will always vary, we asked few people what they think about their partner grabbing their partner’s butt, and if they would grab their partner’s.

Wunmi is a babe who thinks it’s not so cool and she would never allow her man do such PDA with her. “It’s just too much,” she says. Bukky is another lady who thinks the same of the act.

“Because of my personality, my boyfriend knows better than to grab my butt in public even if no one is watching.

“I’ve never even understood why people do that. What happened to holding hands, holding the waist and random kisses on the cheeks and forehead?”

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But, Damola, another babe, thinks ass grabbing is so cute. When asked about her take on ass grabbing as PDA, she goes: “I really love it., my man has the permission to my ass any where, any time and any day. I think it’s so nice.”

According to NT who also has no objection to ass grabbing in PDA, “see if you really like someone, you’ll let them do anything. I know for sure when I’m in love, my man gets it all and I also don’t mind grabbing his butt as well. Love doesn’t have to be so boring.”

Obviously the reaction to butt grabbing as a form of PDA is dependent on individuals. And while it is not a great idea in some people’s estimation, it is a criterion to showing love for some others.

The most important thing, as always, is to be with someone who pays attention to you and the way you want to be loved.

If they give you love just how you want to be loved, you’re in really good hands._____________