3 people talk about how past relationships led them to find love

This week, I asked three people what happened with the people they were with before their current partners.

Sometimes heartbreak can lead to true love

Every so often, to find your prince or princess, you have to kiss many frogs. It is in the process of kissing frogs that you find your one true love.

In some cases, an incredibly harrowing experience would lead you to find true love.

Here are some people’s experiences.

Deolu, When she left for NYSC, as a fine girl, she was getting all the attention from other guys. She couldn’t resist the temptation. So, she told me she wanted an open relationship.

"I was shocked. I ended the relationship. Me open relationship ke? When I no dey crase. This was someone who usually got jealous when I was with other female friends. All of a sudden, she was suggesting an open relationship.

"She wanted to settle back with me when she was done with NYSC, I reluctantly accepted. But, I was trying to heal from the hurt. I would call off the relationship at the slightest provocation. I had to end the relationship. Because the trust was gone

"She begged me. I tried to make it work. But it didn’t work. But now, I am happy I went through that. Because right now, I am living the life with my wife."

Some people tell us they are not ready to be in a relationship with us but, in one month, we hear they are either married or dating someone else.

Here is what happened with Fatima, “I met a guy who is ambitious, smart and good-natured. The only issue is that I didn’t find him sexually attractive at all.

"Each time he asked me why we couldn’t date, I just said I wasn’t interested in a relationship at the moment. I don’t feel bad for lying. When I met my current boyfriend, I just knew I wanted to be with him."

Sometimes you meet the perfect man but, he wants too much too fast.

For Teni, “He wanted too much from me. He wanted me to come and, sleepover in Abuja and, I wanted him to come to Kogi first and see my people. We battled it for months until we broke up.

"The breakup hurt me so much because I felt if he liked me, he would have taken the extra step to commit.

Shortly after, I met my husband, and he was ready to meet my parents in the first month of meeting me.

The end of one relationship might just be what you need to find the right one.


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