Heres how the actor got in shape to fit into that skintight rubber suit.

With all due respect to Eli Manning and Odell Beckham’s wonderful tribute to Dirty Dancing, we do believe Ryan Reynolds won the week with an homage to, of all things, Flashdance. In lieu of a Super Bowl commercial, the star took to Instagram to tease Deadpool 2 with a new poster styled after the 1983 dance drama.

A lot of fans were disappointed when the Merc with a Mouth didn’t make an appearance during the Eagles’ win over the Patriots Sunday night.

But to be fair, Reynolds has been hard at work getting the world ready for this movie, imitating the lovely soothing tones of Bob Ross while also hitting the gym hard enough to do a pretty sweet standing backflip.

A lot has changed physically for Reynolds since the CGI supersuit days of Green Lantern. The actor is a bonafide comic book star now, with the rubber-suit filling physique to match. Much of his success comes down to trainer Don Saladino, who Reynolds has been working with for eight years now.

“[Don] has programs that I can access online because when I'm shooting, my hours are so erratic,” he told Men’s Health. “I don't want to have to meet somebody at 4 in the morning in a dark gym. I just want to go when I can go."

Back in August, Saladino shared a glimpse of the serious results Reynolds is hitting to prepare for Deadpool 2.

“[Josh Brolin], you still have some work to do,” the trainer wrote. Brolin, of course, was cast as metal-armed telekinetic mutant cable in the Marvel sequel. And if Brolin’s Instagram is anything to go on, the 49-year-old actor is definitely putting in the work. (Here’s how you can do the same.)

Deadpool 2 premieres May 18.