Every lady should know some make-up tips and tricks that work for the everyday look. It is not every day we have access to a make-up artist who makes us up effortlessly (even if you have one on a daily basis that's fab but you need to have your own tricks and what works)

There are some tricks that rocks for a normal everyday make-up look.

1)   Bold Brows

A bold brow is an easy way to create an attention-grabbing makeup look. “Comb your brows with a brush or a clean mascara wand to see how they lay naturally, then using a soft, slightly waxy brow pencil, shape the brow by using the thinner side of the tip. Then, take the flatter angle of the pencil and fill in the brow using short strokes that look similar to hair. Finish by blending a shimmery highlighter just below the brow bone to add brightness and lift.

2)   Pro Eyeliner

Liquid liner is one of the trickiest products to master, but once you learn the right way to do it, you can create chic eye makeup look. An easy way to test out liquid liner is to first use a taupe eyeliner pencil to lightly trace a line just above your upper lashline. This trick lets you make sure the lines are even and accurate before applying the liquid liner directly on top of the ‘practice’ line.

3)   The Killer Pout (Red Lips)

There’s nothing more feminine or seductive than a bold red pout. A hot, red lip is an essential part of every girl’s bag of tricks. Start with a very sharp lip liner, in the same color as your chosen lipstick. As you apply, smile a little so the lips are tight and the liner goes on easier. Fill in the lips using the side of the liner, then take a lip brush and apply the lipstick for precision. If you make a mistake, take a little concealer on a small brush and ‘erase’ it. Voila!

4)   Sculpting

You don’t have to be born with killer cheekbones like Kim Kardashian, you can fake it with this sculpting tip: Sweep a sheer shimmer powder along the top of your cheekbones and just under your temples. Next, pucker up to find the hollows of your cheeks. Dust a deep nude blush in the sunken area just under the cheekbone. Smile and apply a peachy blush using the circular motions, starting at the apple of the cheek and slowly make larger circles with the brush. Voila! Instant cheekbones!