There are two kinds of churches; the one your parents force you to attend and the one you choose for yourself.

I spoke to a few millennials who proved to me that House On The Rock (HOTR) falls under the second category.

Here are reasons why young people love House On The Rock church

1. The preaching style is very relatable:

I spoke with a lot of people and they all agreed one thing, the sermons are good. According to my numerous sources, Pastor Paul Adefarasin, the founder, has a style that works for young people.

Unlike other churches, where the preaching is lifted directly from the Bible, the HOTR founder finds a way to use politics, economics, everyday stuff to explain the Word. One person said, "the preaching is every deep, yet relatable." Another said, "he is so real, and his preaching shows that he understands the challenges people face."

2. The ambience is amazing:

According to my colleagues, the atmosphere is spiritually elevating. The beautiful setting combined with the lighting is so cool that it entices the hearts of the worshipper. One person said, "The atmosphere is so uplifting, it makes it easy to appreciate the sermon."

3. Urban culture:

There are a lot of fashionable people in this church and this attracts the young people. One person says one reason he attends this church is to check out the fashion.

4. Praise and worship session is very cool:

According to my sources, the praise and worship sessions are very good. They are captivating without necessarily being lengthy.

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5. No discrimination:

Reportedly, the fact that there are a lot of wealthy worshippers makes no difference with the seating. Anyone can sit anywhere without feeling less than the other. This goes with the church's tagline, 'home for all.'

6. No lengthy prayer sessions:

One reason why a lot of young people are not attracted to the older churches is that they spend a lot of time 'kabashing.' HOTR is different because the prayer sessions are great, intense but not too long.

7. It's very interesting:

All of these things, the lights, atmosphere, relatable preaching make for a very interesting experience. One person said, "It is was so interesting that I didn't sleep off. I couldn't sleep even if I wanted to."

With all of these things, it is obvious how this church gets over 7,000 worshippers every week.

Side Note: It trends on Twitter every Sunday.

House On The Rock has been described as a vibrant multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic church.

The church's founder, Pastor Adefarasin, is an author, motivator, conference speaker and one of the most popular ministers in Nigeria.

He is married to Ifeanyi Adefarasin, the Co-Pastor of the church and conference speaker.

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They have three children.