We may not readily agree but everyone enjoys flirting (there! we said it) and the truth is you can easily spot when some body is flirting with you! Where you can actually make your feelings known (subtly) without even saying a word (yet)

Thank God for subtle flirting and all though, how else will you know a guy is coming unto/interested in you or how will the guy leave subtle signs that he is interested in you! Oh well, flirting is flirt-ing... If these signs are noticeable then the guy is so into you.

1. He finds an excuse to always touch you! He tucks your hair back, holds your hand any opportunity he gets...

2.  He makes eye contact with you.

3.  He steps into your 'personal space' like he wants to 'enter' inside of you.

4. He talks to you in a 'different' way.

5. You catch him staring (lovingly) at you most of the time.

6. He always tries to catch your attention.

7. You always have his undivided attention/ when conversing his body faces your way.

8. He slightly arches his eyebrow while talking to you, he is really looking and thinking about how cute you are!

9. He always finds a way to be around you.

10. He tilts his head often when talking/ with you (He actually has crazy thoughts in his head when he does this)

11. He gets a little jealous especially of your male friends.