Getting your ex back can be a next to impossible task , especially if you parted on non-harmonious terms. But what happens when you realise breaking up was a huge misjudgement and you want them back in your life? Its worth a shot, and if it doesnt work out and least you tried and you can move on without regrets.

Here are some ways that may help you warm your way back into the heart of your Ex.

1. Find out if they are still interested : Just because they are with other people doesn't necessarily mean they aren't still interested. Ask if they want to give it another shot before you start trying.

2.  Prepare your words: On the first meet with your ex, be careful what you say, the outcomes of your conversation really determines if he is she will take you back. Tell them you miss them, tell them what you love about them, tell them how they made you better.

3. Accept responsibility: If he/she wants to try agian, both of you should have a talk. Accept responsibility for all your shortcomings and give your word to try and be better.

4. Rebuild what was broken: Don't just ep[ect that you’ll pick up where you left off, slowly try to rebuild trust. You can try dating them like you are just meeting for the first time, starting all over.  let them know that you are still there for them

5. Small romantic gestures: Don't go overboard trying to win them back like getting him/her an expensive watch for their birthday, this just seems like you are trying too hard. Do little sweet things they love, not extravagant ideas.

6. Respect their privacy: Don't demand to know all thats going on in their life, you actually don't deserve it yet. Be patient with them until they feel that you can be let back into their heart.

7.Don't have sex : Keep away from physical intimacy, this could actually speed things up in your quest to get your ex back, but its all for nought when you both are still having great sex but the reasons you broke up in the first place haven't been addressed and still linger.

8. Discuss what went wrong : In order to move forward, both of you need to address what went wrong and make an effort to fix it, thats the only way getting back together will be worth a shot.

9. Remind them how they loved you  : You know all your elements that made them fall in love with you initially, re-emphasize them, be funny, wear his favourite colour etc. Get them to see that you still  remember the little things and that you still care.

10. Couples therapy : In extreme cases, you both can decide on couples therapy to rebuild your relationship with professional help.