Smoked watermelon? This is what a restaurant is serving in New York.

In this part of the world, watermelon is just a fruit, served with a plate of other fruits. It is eaten for its intense ability to hydrate the body and aid digestion, amongst other health benefits.

However, Duck's Eatery in New York City has created a unique and "mouthwatering" way to serve watermelon.

The watermelon is stripped of its rind and skin, marinated in the brine used for smoked ham, smoked and grilled until it has the look, smell and feel of real smoked meat, even when being sliced.

It is served as an entree, exclusive to the restaurant, but it could be made at home, with some skill, particular ingredients and tools, and lots of time.

What do you think it tastes like? The best bet is that it still tastes like watermelon no matter what it looks like.

Would you try it?