Steeped in murals and swimming with jaw-dropping sculptures, these galleries are the perfect place to get away from it all and enjoy a quiet time observing art.

1. Nike Art Gallery

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Arguably one of the largest of its kind in West Africa, this gallery boasts a collection of about 8,000 diverse artworks from various Nigerian artists.

It features traditional and contemporary Nigerian art housed in a five-storey tall building.

Nike Davies Okundaye, the founder of the popular ‘Nike Art’, has carved a niche for herself through her colourful Àdìre textiles and paintings.

The gallery sits within a towering white-clad multi-story building at No. 2, Elegushi Road, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos and is reputed for housing about eight thousand diverse artwork from various artist across Nigeria.

2. Omenka Gallery

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A contemporary art gallery which represents Nigerian and international artists at its exhibition space in Lagos, Omenka gallery is unarguably one of the leading art galleries in Nigeria.

The gallery represents a fine selection of established and emerging contemporary artists across the country and overseas.

The gallery has also participated in international art fairs, including Art15 in London, Art Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and The Armory Show in New York.

3. The Hour Glass Gallery

Home to an extremely good collection of established artists. Be prepared for a wealth of fascinating collections with very many pleasant surprises; everyone is given the opportunity to find something to interest him or her.

There are no golden rules as to what a visitor may expect to visually learn and discover.

4. Red Door Gallery

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Driven by the belief that art is the ultimate form of expression of man's innermost thoughts, Red Door Gallery is one of those rare galleries that provide a platform for artists to express their creativity without any societal boundaries.

They claim to promote "unpredictable art" as predictable art, they believe, is neither inspirational nor is it collectable.

5. Thought Pyramid Art Centre

With distinctive character, Thought Pyramid Art Centre is indeed for quality taste and interest and for every day.

It is also very attractive to young people and to all the lovers of beautiful, unusual and exciting (space, paintings, drawings, and other items) creations.

The gallery is enlivened by visually splendid and impressive sea of works arranged and mounted in a sequence-like pattern, with thematic displays that are complemented by the settings which add some socially conscious dimension to it.