Vietnams newest tourist attraction, a bridge in the hands of God, is snaking its way to the top of tourist "must-sees" for 2018.

Designed by Vietnamese architect Vu Viet Anh, the walking golden threaded bridge stands tall 1000 metres above the ground. The Golden Bridge, called Cau Vang by locals, was created to give pedestrians a stunning view of cliff tops and faces of the Ba Na mountains. Anh says the point of the bridge was to like "God’s hands pulled a strip of gold from the mountains, creating a walkway in the sky, among the foggy and fairy-like lands of Ba Na mountain". Hence, the bridge has earned the name, "God's Hands".

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The way the hands were created was to make them look like weathered-looking stone, sculpted by God Himself but they are actually built of steel mesh, concrete and fibreglass. However, it does not break any records as one of longest bridges in the world or like the dare-devil tourist bridges in China.

Since its opening in June, the bridge has attracted thousands of tourists to its golden magnificence. Vuong Thuy Linh, a tourist at the Cau Vang, spoke to the Daily Times: "I feel like I'm walking on clouds. It's so unique."

According to the Vietnam National Association on Tourism, the popular getaway spot of Ba Na Hills received over 2.7 million visitors last year. This number is only going to double with the emergence of this bridge.

The bridge itself has gained social media attention over the last week, leaving the designer of the bridge, Anh, surprised.

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