From Fiji islands to the Bahamas, you too could own an island from some of the most desirable parts of the world.

For those that are interested (and can afford it), follow these three steps to acquiring an island.

1 . Visit

islands private islands online islands private islands online

The internet has shone light on the process of buying an island to the point where you only need to open the website and browse through the listed options and... just drop in your cart! As simple as that!

2 . Consider location and transport

Cash in hand... or in card, you'd have to consider where you'd like your island to be. Fiji, Canada, The Bahamas, Argentina... where exactly would be your perfect vacation spot. A six-acre island in Canada goes for just $485,000 so be ready!

 privateislandsonline privateislandsonline

After determining where you'd like your island, it would be best to get somewhere that is easily accessible to you. If not, you'd need to spend more on transporting yourself and your party to the island.

3 . Does the island have amenities?

 private islands daily mail private islands daily mail

An island might seem like a bargain but the amount you'd spend on creating amenities you'd need for a pleasurable stay would cost way more than you bargained. Go for an island with some already established structures.

For example, the Canadian island which goes for $485,000 would require you building your home while the $3.2 million Michigan's Loud Island will you get you a historic wooden lodge with seven bedrooms.