“Men are so simple. They will believe anything.”

“Only a foolish woman leans heavily on a man's promises”

“A real woman must always do the things she wants to do, and in her own time too. You must never allow yourself to be rushed into doing things you're not ready for.”

“The choices we have to make in this world are hard are bitter. Sometimes we have no choices at all.”

"My daughters were born with eyes in their stomachs so they are quick to digest all that they see.”

"This is a time of mourning but a man must be mindful when weakness threatens to take him over"

"Let us not allow the world to see our shame, let us keep our secrets from those who may seek to mock us"

"Hush, child, what mother can hate a child she laboured to bring into this world?

"Anyone who laughs at you for showing your family respect is a fool"

"Doctor, when you buy guavas in the marketplace, you cannot open every single one to check for rottenness,  And where you find rottenness, you do not always throw away the guava. You bite around the rot and hope it will quench your craving."