Not only is art beautiful, but useful and reliable as long as you can get creative with it.

Art and craft, of course, has proven to be a good recycling agent. Imagine, how much stuff gets converted into one useful piece or the other, thanks to craft.

Today's craft, homemade phone case,  involves the use of a waste cardboard box, old piece of fabrics and glitter paper.

You no longer have to buy a new pouch when you can make one, and in fact, make as many as you want so that you can now change your phone's case, say every week, if you want. Probably give it out as a gift to friends and family.

Materials needed

1. Cardboard box

2. Piece of fabric cloth (Gum stay)

3. Glitter paper

4. Velvet material (or any other material of choice)

5. Glue


1. Cut the cardboard box into two rectangle shapes using the  shape of the phone as measurement

2. Gum it to the fabric material

3. Cut the velvet material into the shape of the cardboard and gum it as well

4. Cut glitter papers, slightly thicker than the width of the phone, Gum it to the cardboard. At this point, you should have a typical skeletal of a phone couch.

5. Decorate it to your taste and satisfaction.

Phone pouch all done. Very easy to make.

Get creative! Make yours! That's what art is all about.