It is interesting to know that men find some colours very attractive compared to some other ones, they feel it reveals a lot about a lady’s personality which we think its true! Luckily for us ladies, fashion-which we love- is a great way to convey our personality. If you are looking to impress the “boo”, a date or husband; keep these in mind next time you are have a special event.


The colour is all manner of confidence and sexiness; men tend to love black because it oozes sophistication, sexiness and confidence. A little black dress goes a long way to give a lasting impression plus it has a slimming effect, Uber perfecto!

2) RED

Men love red. When they see red, they see sex appeal, confidence, boldness, goddess… You don’t want to overkill in top-toe red though, that may be too much and end up looking trashy. Simple in red gives a lasting impression.


Men love white as it gives off a sophisticated, demure, classy and clean look- these are qualities men love!


Of course men love pink, it’s feminine, soft, flirty and chic. Keep it minimal though, it’s not a look for top to toe-which could be too much hence a turn off.


Men love teal, it’s a sassy, confident and bold colour. It is a bright colour that stands you out and guess what? It seems to always be in trend!


Blue is another colour men love, the brighter the shade, the better. It is a bold and confident colour which they love. Navy blue however does take a backseat here.