Sometimes we love some colours in our eyeshadow palettes so much we want them in lipstick shades and vice versa or we just want to go out and have fun and we don't want a bag full of all the make-up items we own! Oh girl troubles.

Guess what? we tried out 3 keys make up items that has dual functions and we are excited to share:

The Mascara

Don't throw out your mascara after it is finished just yet! Wash the colour remains off the wand with a good make-up remover and keep. The brush is perfect for brushing the eyebrows, shaping them to appear fuller and generally tame them. How is that for a bargain?

The Lipstick

Did you know the lipstick works well as a lipstick and a cream blush? Yes you heard right a cream blush! If you feel like matching your lipstick to your cheeks or just in love with the shade pat the lipstick gently to get just enough colour then dab on your cheeks with your finger!

The Eyeshadow

Did you know the eye shadow works perfectly as a liner too? No you didn't! Well its true, you can use your favourite eyeshadow colour as eyeliner. Using a thin brush, dip in eyeshadow and slowly line across the upper eyelids and voila! For an intense effect, use some under your eye.