We are told never to judge a book by its cover. However, there a few things you may be able to deduce from a man’s sense of style. If I would classify men by what they wear, here’s how I’d do it.


The rule number 1 of the maven is to never be number 2 and it shows. He’s always appropriately dressed for every occasion; he’s stylish and stays on top of the latest trends. This mostly reflects on other aspects of his life mostly, he’s detailed and wants to be the best at everything he does. A toast of the party; just step back and let the maven wow you!


He tends to play it safe. He blends in with the rest of the people and he’s usually comfortable in his own skin. He will never wear super skinnies or carrot jeans.  Good guy; you can depend on him and he mostly won’t disappoint.


He mostly has good intentions but somehow never gets the execution right. He may even buy the most expensive fashion pieces but he can’t find the right combo. Learner! Get in there and show him how it’s done.

Whether your guy is a maven, a regular or a novice, appreciate him for who he is. You can make a few change but try not to change too much too quickly.

Isola- Osobu is the CEO who doubles as artistic director of menswear brand; Jay Osbie, an online brand and retailer for fashion-forward men offering a range of products from casual styles to traditional wear, styled up and re-thought for the modern Nigerian man.