There's an onward surge of 'designers' in Nigeria then there's the 'buy Nigerian' movement tugging at your conscience everywhere you go!

All these are great improvements to the fashion industry as well as the Nigerian economy but then at what cost to the customers/willing buyers? at what cost or not to the designers and more questions to ponder on.

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Accepted, the economy is bad and it only makes sense to pull resources back to improve the economy but at what cost and quality (I ask again)? For every penny worth spending its only fair to get great quality in return so when it comes to style pieces, finishing for me is everything.

Nigerian designers these days come in form of Instagram style 'hawkers' who show off picture perfect (notice how the emphasis isn't on perfectly tailored) pieces and contact information (usually picked up by the brand's 'manager!) only to be reached and you get a ridiculous price for items (not worth it at the end of the day) with terrible customer service.

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Don't get me wrong I'll save to buy a Jewel by Lisa piece, a Tiffany Amber piece and more Nigerian owned brands because I see a lot of work going into those; I get the desired fit, the 'tailoring', the luxury that I paid for (from what I've seen from the brands) so I'm not anti-made in Nigeria.

BUT why would I buy a 'funny' tailored piece for N35,000 when I can get a stunning dress from ASOS for way less at £55 (and that's because FOREX is crazy at the moment) so excuse me if I don't fall into the category of those who fall victim of Instagram designers or 'Nigerian tailors' who think being called a 'designer' automatically erase the fact that they are not that talented.

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I support #buynigerian#buyafrican but excuse my wallet (card) if I refuse it to be foolishly swiped.