Nigerian womenswear label Weiz Dhurm Franklyn has revealed their collection for Fall 2015,  a collection of evening and occasion wear dubbed .

Looking at these pieces, two words come to mind: Sex and  class!

Named for the beautiful but deadly poisonous autumn crocus, whose flowers bloom in autumn long after the leaves have died, the collection offers stand out pieces that are certainly not for the wallflower type.

They offer the description of the woman behind the inspiration.

This is for one -

“So beautiful at sight yet deadly to touch, design techniques, colors and silhouette depicts her deceptiveness and her will to seduce.“

The designer’s signature use of sheer layers and panels is firmly in place but used with a lighter touch than previous collections for a softer effect.

Dresses and separates suitable for dress up dinners, cocktails and even the red carpet, the pieces are finished with crystal, flower appliqué and pearl embellishments.

Most of the looks are done in one colour, limiting the palette to black, mint, white and burgundy, another departure for the designer that works well allowing the contrasting materials and the embellishments and silhouettes do the work.

Feminine and cohesive, this is an alluring collection that should prove popular for special occasions.

Check out these lovely, heartbreaking pieces in gallery and tell us what you think.