If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite celebrities have to say about their individual style, you’re in luck. Your favourite celebrities are revealing their best looks of the past year to Pulse.ng, they have sent in 10 photos from 2015.

In the past year, celebrities have grown in leaps and bounds in their style. They have wowed us on the red carpet, stunned on magazine covers and impressed us in their everyday looks.

The great thing about this is that it’s not limited to just the ladies, as the men have proven that they are quite stylish too. In celebration of great style, Pulse presents the top 10 looks of some of your favorite celebrities.

Today, we’re featuring a name that’s very well talked about in the fashion industry, fashion consultant and stylist, Ifeanyi Nwune:

1.) Brown on ripped jeans: Ifeanyi makes urban his own in a brown button down shirt with dark blue jeans with white sandals. He finishes off this look with a gold necklace, sunglasses, rings and a black Fedora.

2.) Man in charge: He dons with an out of the box outfit in a uniformed all black ensemble in a sheer black shirt with patterned designs, black pants with a black bullet proof type vest. He completed his look in black loafers with gold chain links and a black Fedora.

3.) Ghanaian look: Ifeanyi steps into friendly international waters with a loose floor length kaftan with gold embroidery. He completed his outfit with a tribal Ghanaian hat. The look is unconventional for a day look but is sure to make you do a double take.

4.) All white ensemble: In this interesting look, Ifeanyi is wearing a loose white top with three quarter sleeves with white pants, a white Fedora hat with shiny Chelsea boots. For the added edgy look, he dons studded cuffs. on both wrists.

5.) Black on ripped jeans: This time, the style guru has on an super long inner black tee with a black outerwear button down shirt paired with a pair of blue ripped jeans. Finally, he adds on a black face cap, gold accessories and burgundy loafers with tassels.

6.) Black on black: Ifeanyi has a cool interesting look in a black button down shirt with rolled up sleeves. He has on a black Fedora and gold accessories against an artistic green background.

7.) White on black: Ifeanyi makes casual super fresh in a simple, crisp button down white shirt paired with slim fitted black pants. He takes his look a step further with patent leather white loafers and a black Fedora hat. Let’s not forget that trendy old school receiver as well.

8.) Village look:Ifeanyi creates a contradictory look in leather at the village. This outfit consists of a black loose fitted black top with black leather pants and gold loafers. He finished off his look with gold accessories and a black leather face cap.

9.) The print look: Ifeanyi pairs a button down shirt with rolled up sleeves, a black pair of jeans and a black and white sleeveless print jacket. He finished off his look with a pair of black shoes.

10.) Casual meets classic look: This final look holds a lot of creativity. Ifeanyi has on a long black button down shirt, paired with a pair of black leather pants. He then adds on a grey zipper sweater with black leather sleeves. He completes his look with a red cap, gold shoes and gold accessories.

We adore Ifeanyi’s look because he doesn’t wear the traditional outfits. Anytime you see him, there’s one interesting twist or the other to his look, which sets him apart from anyone else in the fashion industry.