Bringing excitement to online shoppers,

FBY is dedicated to bringing a unique online shopping experience that transcends the conventional bringing emerging talents together in a single place.

The brand describes herself as "more than just another womenswear retailer but also a place to discover new designers, new styles and new ideas. With emerging talents from all over the world; crossing Australia, through Europe, to the US and back home to Africa, (a.k.a. FBY) is the home for women with a global perspective on fashion".

Their Spring/Summer 2017 campaign focuses on the wardrobe of an urban woman who is a lover of the finer things in life; she is the modern age definition of a woman conquering the world in style and is never afraid to embrace her femininity; and she is dedicated to leaving her mark wherever she goes.


Photography: Niyi Okeowo (@niyiokeowostudio)

Models: Adunola Osilowo (@adun_osilowo) & Bunmi Balo (@bunmii_)

Makeup: Matilda (@amaebiere)

Stylist: Yinka Kester (@v_kester)

Creative Direction: Omoyele Ogundipe (@omoyele_o) & Niyi Okeowo (@niyiokeowostudio)

Pieces: @femmebyyele