Eku Edewor is the very definition of a clothes-horse.

Eku did it for the gram when she posted this gorgeous photo of her in head-to-toe Sunny Rose. She wore the co-ord outfit made up of a fitted top with matching bootleg trousers.

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Sunny Rose is a Nigerian fashion label which was established in 2011, originally specialising in accessories. The brand has received a warm following both locally and internationally with them having a successful presentation at LFDW and a great show at Arise Fashion Week earlier this year.

The Sunny Rose label is a ready-to-wear brand for women who want to be stylish and make a statement. It's for the women, much like Eku, who wants something unique and a great mix between modern and traditional with clever use of silhouettes and fabrics.

Not many women could wear an outfit straight off the runway and rock it just as good as the model but that's why we love Eku, Nigeria's very own fashion icon.