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As part of his plans for a record-breaking concert, the music star released some creatively captured photos taken by Legendary Shots.

Burna bares his body and soul in the retro-themed shots caught with black and white effect.

The pictures  depict a bare-chested Burna boy which leaves its viewer with an uncanny sense of rebirth that refuses to shake itself off.

Burna boy looks on searchingly as though he can see the future, something which is hidden from the eyes of the viewer.

In different poses, one element is constant- Burna boy is on the verge of a rebirth and there is no telling what the future holds.

Along with the heavily symbolic pictures, Burna also releases some pictures from his London rehearsal sessions ahead of his history-making performances.

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For those wondering why Burna chose to hold his first-ever United Kingdom concert on the same day Nigeria celebrates her 56th Independence anniversary, the answer is simple.

Burna boy plans to make history!