Smooth skin is always a thing everyone craves. We all love to show off skin without blemish or breakouts and want acnes to be a forgone issue with the skin. In order to achieve this ‘dream skin’ we need to take care of the skin as much as possible, beauty products are not the only known way to care for the skin, in most cases natural/healthy ways to care for the skin work best.

I came across a recipe that has been reported to work wonders for the skin:

The Parsley, Cucumber and Celery Smoothie.


1 Banana

4 Stalks of Celery

2 medium sized Cucumbers

1 Green Apple

1 Lemon

1 ginger

A handful of parsley


Peel and squeeze the lemon

Peel the ginger

Cut up all the other ingredients and put all in a blender.

Add as much water as need for all the ingredients.

Blend till all the ingredients are smooth.

There you have your smoothie, drink regularly for a smooth, healthy skin.