Our make-up just like every other products have an expiry date. Sometimes we continue using these products not caring about how long we've held on to them causing us to break out and sometimes result in infections.

Here is a list of how long your beauty products should last before tossing them into the trash can:

The Mascara

Mascara should not exceed six months after its open. Once you start using mascara, after six months discard them, even when they are finished. The wand breeds bacteria which could result in an eye infection, you don't want that do you?


Your concealer should not last for more than two years. Once its two years old, its time for it to be replaced.

Brow Pencil

The brow pencil should not be used after a year. Any brow pencil older than a year should be tossed in the bin.


The lip-liner should not exceed one year.


Lipsticks are meant to be used for a year, after this they should be thrown out.


Powders are meant to stay for two years after which they should be trashed.

Liquid foundation.

Foundations are to be used for two years at most, afterwards they should be thrown out.


Eyeliners are meant to stay for a year, once its past that they should be discarded

Eye Shadow

Eye-shadows are meant to stay for two years. They are not meant to be used after this.


Blush should not exceed two years at the maximum.


Moisturizers once opened should not exceed two years.


Sponges are meant to last for six months. They are meant to be washed after every use.