The fact that smoking is dangerous to health has stopped creating any impact whatsoever on smokers. Nobody really believes they can contract lung cancer till they actually do. But, it’s not just in the long run that smoking is affecting you. Every day it is doing terrible things, things you actually care about.

1. Smoking burns up your money, you don’t even realize how much money you’re burning by smoking. You can use the money spent on cigarettes to pay up many bills. If you smoke 10 cigarettes a day, you’re probably spending more than 100 Naira every day. That counts up to 3000 Naira a month and 36,500 Naira a year. Double that if you take a pack per day.

2. Smoking shows on your skin, Studies suggest that non-smokers look a lot younger than smokers of the same age, it makes your skin look wrinkly, old and saggy. So, if you want to look 40 when you’re just 25, go on! But, if you care even a little about looking presentable, quitting seems to be the right decision.

3. Chewing mint after you smoke doesn't’t really help. Smoking gives you an awfully bad breath. Mints might help you not get caught right now, but a few years down the line you’re going to have a constant bad breath, people won’t feel comfortable when talking with you and your partner is going to hate getting intimate with you.

4. It causes erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, sperm motility problems and hormonal issues which leads to infertility, it really affects your performance in bed. Sex is one of the greatest pleasures of life and is one thing you don’t want to joke with, it shouldn't be affected so badly by any unhealthy habit of yours.

5. Smoking is addictive. You may have just started smoking regularly, but before you know it, the damage is going to show up. Your teeth are going to get stained to an ugly yellow and they’re going to rot more as you grow up. Toss the packet of smokes into the bin, right now!

6. It becomes a problem when others get affected by it too. Passive smoking is equally harmful. Every time you smoke around people, you reduce their life span too.

7. Smoking reduces your stamina as it does on your lungs, in bed and otherwise. If you’re hectic corporate life person. Cigarettes make you unhealthier and weaker everyday you’re more immune to contract diseases on a daily basis.

8. You should quit because cigarettes are making you dependent. You may think you’re going to quit soon and that occasional smoking wouldn’t really harm you, but before you realize, you’re going to get habitual of it. Being addicted to anything is bad. Don’t let a cigarette control your life.