Studies reveal brushing the teeth should not go lower than 120 seconds for dental hygiene to be in top shape!

Most times a lot of us brush and in five seconds (5 seconds) we are done but a dental survey reveals at least two minutes should be spent brushing properly using gentle movements to protect the delicate gum and the gumlines, the crown and the teeth as well as the entire mouth.

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When brushing angle the toothbrush at 45 degree, this places it along the gum line which sees the teeth well brushed while the gum is protected.

Here's a step by step guide to do it right:

1. Start by cleaning the outer areas of the upper teeth and then the lower teeth.

2. Go on to brush the inner areas of the upper teeth and then the lower teeth, brushing each tooth area in a back and forth style.

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3. Go ahead to brush the chewing areas (the top) of each tooth using the tip of the brush to clean behind each tooth in a back and forth motion going from top to bottom then front and back in up and down strokes.

4. Lastly, brush the tongue. You can go as far as you can manage (If you start to feel a 'puking sensation stop!) Brushing the tongue helps for fresher breath, NEVER skip it.