There are ways to make diet healthy/clean without missing out on good food!

A healthy diet not only ensures the whole body stays functioning well, it's also a great way to maintain desired weight. Although there are diets to keep one fit and the body healthy, with conscious discipline, one can still eat well and stay sound and in good health.

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These fast tips work for keeping diet clean:

1. Never skip breakfast

It's always a great idea to eat breakfast as this powers the body and help kickstart the day while at the same time limiting the chances to binge on junk food. A healthy mix of fruits and cereal works to kickstart the day.

2. Learn to control portion

Portion control is important, no matter how much food is around to be devoured. When you can control the portion of food you eat, there won't be a fear of over-eating and hence obesity or unnecessary weight adding.

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3. Eat fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are great way to add rich vitamins to one's diet.

4. Reduce junk foods to the barest minimum

Stay away as much as possible from unhealthy foods/junks they do nothing for the body

5. Switch caffeinated drinks for water and more water

Instead of loading on caffeinated drinks, switch those for water and drink as much as you can everyday.

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6. Learn to snack 'healthy'

Snack on fruits, nuts instead of greasy/oily snacks that are not beneficial to the body

7. Generally eat right

Strive to generally eat clean, the more green in your diet the healthier you are.