The time of the month for a lady presents different symptoms, bleeding frequency and more but in most cases, they can be pointers to health issues.

From time to time, the menstrual cycle might come with slight changes which are usually caused by lifestyle habits, stress or downright indicators of underlying health issues.

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if you notice these signs are persistent during your period, then it's time to seek expert help:

1. Prolonged/excessive period bleeding

Bleeding excessively and for a prolonged period might be an indication of fibroid which is quite common. A fibroid is usually a non-cancerous growth that's found around or inside the uterus causing excessive bleeding which affects the cycle.

It's best to seek expert help once this is noticed to have the fibroid removed as soon as possible.

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2. Irregular cycles

Irregular menstrual cycle might be an indication of diabetes! When irregular cycles becomes the other of the day then it can be a sign of insulin resistance which means Type 2 diabetes. It's best to have this checked out by a health practitioner.

3. Irregular cycles might also be a symptom of PCOS

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) may also present itself in form of irregular menstrual cycles. PCOS is as a result of cysts in the ovaries due to excess testosterone which affects the usual flow.

PCOS can come with other symptoms including acne, excessive body hair, adding weight amongst others. It's important to check with a health practitioner as PCOS can lead to infertility.

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4. Unusual light flow

Unusual menstrual flow could be as a result of stress. It's also common amongst women who use birth control or approaching menopause. If flow come extremely lighter compared to past ones they are largely due to stress/lifestyle change but again, best to check with a practitioner.

5. Blood Clots

During the menstrual cycle, clumps/clots of blood come out at intervals but are usually normal and harmless especially on the heaviest days of the cycle but if they come out abnormally or come in unusually larger clots then it's time to see a health practitioner to get/be sure of a clean bill of health.