As with every other makeup product that goes on the face, the primer is also a very important makeup product.

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Think primer as the principal 'holder' of the whole makeup look. The primer makes the makeup stay in place (usually all day). A makeup look that will turn out perfect will start from prepping the skin itself, this includes moisturizing, mattifying the face (with primer, poreless ones are best for ladies with large pores) to the actual whole makeup look.

A few advantages of using the primer includes; keeping your makeup in place no matter the type of weather (reason to invest in good primers).

Primers also work as base to make foundation application smooth and seamless making every other product that comes on even out smoothly for a flawless finish.

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After a bit of insight into what primer does (especially for ladies who skip this product altogether) learn the perfect way to apply it to achieve greats results in the tutorial above.

Note that its best to apply primer with your fingers- pint size is just about enough- to the oily places on the face (T-zone) and even out to all the other areas of the face.

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Watch how to apply the primer correctly.