The beauty and lifestyle blogger showed how she got the procedure done after years of putting it off. Wearing braces seem to be the new cool way of stylishly correcting dentition in the present day (though some wear it for purely lifestyle reasons too) but a lot of people are curious about how it's done.

The procedure took about thirty to forty-five minutes with results taking effects from four weeks (for allignment) over the next two months!

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Choosing the 'ceramic' braces which she described as "a lot easier to hide since the brackets are clear" she shares, "I tried for a long time to change the way I thought about my teeth but I just wasn’t confident smiling, many people think I am crazy as I go on about ‘a gap in my tooth’ that no one seems to notice but me".

Although she describes the procedure she had done in Lagos as nothing extreme but she decided to get it anyways, “if you don’t like something, change it or change the way you think about it" she mused!

Thinking of getting braces done? Ever wondered what it's like to get them done? Want to know if they’re painful and so on? Watch Lola OJ get hers done to get started.