A lady’s make-up kit is not complete if she doesn’t have the everyday needed tools for applying the make-up itself.

Unlike some beauty products that we can do without/skip/ replace with another one entirely, some brushes cannot be done without especially where they are meant for the application of everyday beauty products. When shopping for make-up and its tools, make it compulsory that these brushes are in place even if others are not:

1. The Powder Brush

As the name indicates, the powder brush is used to apply powder especially the loose powder. It is necessary for everyday use as you need this to apply powder,  it saves the product and helps for a smoother blend. You don’t want to leave it out when shopping.

2. The Blush Brush

The blush brush is necessary for applying blush, by no means should you use your fingers! NEVER!

3. The Classic Eyeshadow brush

Like the name suggests it is used to apply the eyeshadow; this is a make-up for everyday living and it is uber necessary, it is a make-up tool you can’t do without.

Next time you go make-up shopping, you know the exact things you shouldn’t pass on.