A new survey on beards have revealed that beards are 'unhygienic' and are worn by 'cheats and thieves', sorry ladies.

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After it was discovered that a beard on a guy can be a huge turn on for the ladies, guys went crazy with the new trend.

The research conducted by Censuswide revealed that 65% of women were unhappy with bearded men, and half saying they wouldn't consider dating a bearded man because they cheat more than clean shaven men.

The survey, went on to say that nearly half of women surveyed - 44% - feel that big beards are unhygienic and a massive 62% of women said they preferred the clean-shaven look.

Of men questioned, 45% of men with a goatee said they'd been involved in a fight and a further 40% of goatee rocking guys, admitted to having stolen.

A massive 47%, almost half, of those with long moustaches said they'd been unfaithful to a partner, while just 20% of clean-shaven chaps had.

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So much for beard gang.