Full, long

Long and full lashes help shape the face and even though they are natural they are still glam especially when emphasized with mascara.

Full lashes instantly lightens up the whole face, giving an effortless chic vibe while complementing any makeup look subtly yet effortlessly pretty.

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Natural full lashes are ever desirable and it starts from caring for them, constantly plucking them, fixing faux lashes incorrectly/using bad glue and so on may contribute to the lashes falling out which is usually never a pretty sight.

To keep them full and healthy, handle with care and most importantly moisturize with Vaseline overnight for instance to keep them from drying and falling out.

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This one quick natural way to grow the lashes using egg white is all you need to keep them fuller and growing:

How to:

(This can be done often to keep the lashes longer and stronger). Egg whites help to grow and strengthen the lashes by stimulating the hair follicles which keeps them from pulling out.