Using a pair of scissors and hairbrush,

The Canada based beauty and lifestyle blogger is showing holiday style inspiration that looks so good without breaking the bank. Switching up a head of long and full tight curls into a more tamed and versatile curly style, the beauty blogger shows how to achieve the look that takes less than five minutes!

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The 21-yr old fast rising vlogger shows just how to nail the super quick hairstyle that works perfect during the holiday season, all you need is to snip, snip, brush and go to go for fun day out, night out and more events which comes quite low maintenance (perfect for festive season).

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If you have a synthetic wig or weave you need inspiration to style the quick tip from the vlogger is a definite yes! "Using a pair of scissors and hairbrush, this beauty tip is a sure starter pack for this holiday season" Yenny Adepoju quipped.