Dandruff/ any form of scalp dryness on the head can become embarrassing when constant flakiness becomes the order of the day, it won't be a good sight to have patches of whitish oily dead skin all over the head or on clothing and this is a common quality of dry scalp and dandruff.

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Usually caused by lifestyle habits amongst other things not tending to the hair as should be especially is a major cause of dry skin and dandruff. Smoking, soda and a poor diet also worsen this common issue.

Taking time to massage in hair products making sure the scalp is well moisturized, drinking enough water, eating enough greens/vegetables and more also works to keep the scalp in great condition so also does home remedies.

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This homemade lemon mask in super easy steps work to keep dry scalp in check.

(Sometimes, this could be a serious skin issue in which case expert opinion is best sought).