Have you ever had to check out your makeup after a long day out only to find out that all thats left of your lipstick looks like a line drawn across your lips?

Something about lipstick is that it has the power to brighten up whatever outfit you're in and it only sucks when you feel you've got it all working for you only to find out that half your lipstick is gone.

Although the lasting power of lipsticks largely depends on the product type but making your lipstick last all day long, irrespective of the type of product is quite easy and requires very little effort if you follow these pretty simple tricks.

1. Exfoliate your lips

No long lasting lipstick can actually withstand a dry lip. So, first off, let's take off the dry skin.

You could use an old toothbrush of yours for this. Gently brush the toothbrush against your upper and lower lip to get rid of the dry skin.

2. Moisturize your lips

After taking off the dry skin, you need to moisturize those lips with a lip balm to provide a base for your lipstick

3. Line your lips with a lip liner

Lip liners have waxy formulas that sort of binds with your lipstick colours, making them last longer. So, line the outer corner of your lips preferably with the shade of lip liner nearest to the colour of the lips or the lipstick.

4. Apply the lipstick properly

It's best to use a brush when applying your lipstick (brushing from the corners of your mouth to the centre) so that the lipstick is evenly applied.

5. Blot

Blotting helps you take away the excess oil from the lipstick to keep it from smudging.

6. Apply a translucent powder

Gently dust any translucent powder over the lipstick. You can place a tissue over your lip before applying the powder or do it directly.

7. Apply the lipstick again

Finally, apply the lipstick once again.

There you go! Your long lasting lipstick.