A primer is a cream or lotion that is applied before any beauty product. It is used to improve coverage and ensure make-up stays on much longer. Before now, a primer used to be a make-up artist essential but these days, people see the essence of a good primer.

There are reasons why you should make it a make-up essential as well.

1) It seals Pores

A primer essentially seals pores , closing it up for a smoother finish

2) It's Non Comedogenic

Most primers are non-comedogenic, they wont block pores, they are usually very light and water based.

3) Ensures A Smoother Makeup  Look

The application of primer ensures your make-up glides on your face smoothly.

4) Make-Up stays longer

A primer sets the make-up, eliminating oil making make-up stay on much longer.

5) Reduces The appearance of Acne

Using a primer helps reduce the appearance of blemishes especially because make-up are applied on a smooth canvas.

Will you start your beauty routine every day with a primer? Let us know