Pores are a structural part of your skin that cannot, under any circumstance, disappear. They can, however, get wider and deeper if they're constantly clogged, or if you squeeze them all the time.

Smaller pores can result in flawless makeup application, smoother-looking skin, or an evener skin tone. But pores aren't the enemy: the reality is that they exist to help your skin breathe, and since their size is determined by DNA, there are no permanent solutions to physically minimize pores. Here are 5 home remedies to tighten pores for a beautiful face.

Honey and sugar

Take 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and mix them with a little lemon juice.

Cleanse your face with your usual cleanser, apply the scrub to your face and massage gently, especially the areas with enlarged pores. Rinse with warm water.

Tomato juice to tighten pores

Squeeze the juice of one tomato without pulp and apply on the face for 15 minutes. Tomatoes contain a lot of acid and potassium, which can help reduce acne spots on the face and help narrow enlarged pores.

Baking soda

Make a paste by mixing equal parts of baking soda and warm water (approximately 2 tablespoons of each). Apply this paste on the face and gently massage the baking soda into the pores for a minute.

Rinse your face thoroughly with cool water. This procedure helps remove dead skin cells, dust and other impurities. Soda regulates the oxygen content in the skin and helps regulate its pH level.

Aloe vera

Moisturizing the skin with aloe vera juice can also help narrow enlarged pores. Aloe vera juice cleanses and nourishes the skin, and also removes grease and dirt from even the deepest pores.

Clay masks

Clay masks help not only narrow pores, but also normalize the amount of sebum secretion. They perfectly cleanse the skin and also have whitening properties. Green and white clay masks are the best for minimizing enlarged pores. After using a clay mask, the skin is noticeably fresher and it even begins to glow with beauty.