Being bold/confident, beautiful and good looking all begin from the state of mind. You automatically become what you feel (deep down) so it is good to work on yourself at every point in time

1)Clear Your Skin

Appearance do matter and a clear and smooth skin gives you more confidence always! Take good care of the skin; use a blemish control cleansing bar like Clinique and a good moisturizer depending on your skin type. It ensures you have your best  face forward every time.

2) Be Well Groomed

It is not only hygienic to be well groomed it is equally being respectful and considerate, you shouldn't ignore using deodorant like Dove anti perspirant so you don't reek of sweat and a good perfume works just perfect, tame your hair appropriately or in the very least a bath!

3) Keep Your Hair Tidy

Always tame your locks, guys cut your hair and keep it very neat and tidy.

4) Enhance Your Looks With Make-Up

A little dab of powder or blush here and there will go a long way

5) Do One Thing For YOU Everyday

Do something that makes you happy; It could be some alone time or just that a few minutes of fine wine.

6) Feel Good

Feel good about yourself, it improves your self confidence.

7) Keep Supportive Friends

Be sure to keep friends that support your dreams and aspirations and are always there for you.

8) Listen To Your Inner Voice

Listen to your instincts, that little voice in your head knows better.

9) Relax!

By all means find time to relax, take a break/ take your mind off work and everything that stresses you. Just stop and take a breather!