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22-year-old woman seeks advice on whether she should get married or go abroad for her master's degree

January 17th 2022, 10:49:52 am

At 22 years old, what should one be doing with their life?

A person who loves you, wouldn't ask you to let go of a life changing opportunity [Pexels]

A young woman of 22 was asked by the man she was dating to choose between marriage and doing her master's in the United Kingdom with a fully funded scholarship, and she was confused about what to do.

Most Twitter users wanted her to drop the man like a bad habit and focus on her education because she is only 22.

There is nothing wrong with getting married at 22; the only issue is when marriage stops her from pursuing her life’s goals.

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A man who gives her such an ultimatum is not right for her; their goals do not align. If anything, they are poorly suited for each other and need to part ways as soon as possible.

A person who loves us wants us to grow, to be better and to achieve our highest potential.

His insecurities may be a reason why he wouldn't want her to leave him and 'level up' or it could be that he cannot handle a long distance relationship but he could just break up the relationship without giving an ultimatum.

But will the decision to leave Nigeria and the man she loves hurt? Yes, and the nagging fear that she would never find someone else like him will trail behind her like the luggage she would carry to the airport – only heavier.

But our heart lies to us in the throes of heartbreak, healing happens, and we meet someone better, someone more aligned with our life goals.


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