When in a relationship, the slightest of things can affect the stability as well as the emotional wellbeing of you and your partner. There will be fights and what not but its possible to reduce these misunderstandings and get past them.

Here are some tips to help in your relationship.

1. Dont be afraid to try new things for them: When you are dating someone new, there are bound to be new activities you will find out he/she likes, be bold and willing to try new things, you just might like it too. Plus it gives the impression that you are willing to try.

2.Always Give The Benefit Of the doubt : When complications arise, always give the benefit of the doubt, don't be so quick to lay blame and assume the absolute worst.

3. Control your jealousy : A little jealousy is okay, very little however nothing ruins a relationship faster than a perpetually jealous partner.

4. Don't speak ill of your partner : When you are mad at your partner, do not speak ill f them to friends or colleagues tactlessly, you never know what will mysteriously get back to him/her.

5. Learn to let go : In your relationship you will fight now and then but is everything worth fighting about? Quite alright things your partner does will make you furious but pick your battles wisely, there some things you just need to let go.

6. Fix your problems ASAP : When something is wrong, not ego problems but situations that affects the relationship, address the problem immediately. Dont let them fester, a build up can result in a tragic end of the relationship.

7. Appreciate your partner : No one likes to feel unappreciated, if your partner puts effort into getting something done for you, say thank you, give them a peck on the cheek, tell them how much their act means to you. Appreciate the time you spend together because you never know what’ll happen tomorrow, they may have to move to another state for a new job.

8. Take their concerns seriously : Whether it sounds absurd to you or not, if your partner expresses fears and concerns about anything, don't dismiss it as petty, listen to them and offer your support, be a sort of safe haven for them.

9. Dont be afraid to ask for help : If something is up and you need help don't go asking someone else, try asking your partner first, if you need help and they may be able to offer assistance dont hesitate to ask. After all what are you in a relationship for.

10. Dont be afraid to end it : If things aren't going well in your relationship, AFTER you must have addressed the issue, don't be afraid to call it quits if you can't cope anymore. Dont be afraid of what people will think of you, or the fear of being alone engulf you. End a bad relationship before it ruins you.