The aggrieved Lagosians, especially contractors, decried the spate at which agents of the Commissioner demand and collect bribe on awarded contracts and commissioned projects around the state.

They alleged that Gbeleyi's agents demand kickbacks between 10 and 20percent on every project, all in an effort to enrich himself to prosecute his gubernatorial ambition. He is also accused by the MinistriesDepartmentandAgencies, (MDAs), of stifling them of funds.

Checks revealed not less than N8billion must have been stashed away by the Commissioner. Other sources hinted about five of his mistresses have been engaged to keep funds for him. The contractors’ and staffers of the MDAs lamented that if the FinanceCommissioner is adopted and given the ticket, his governorship will rubbish all the social infrastructures and lofty projects that have enjoyed critical acclaim and credited to successive administrations in the state.

The contractors’ complaint is coming on the heels of a statement issued by a youth organisation under the aegis of AworiYouthsUnited, (AYU), condemning moves to adopt the Commissioner as a candidate for the next gubernatorial election in 2015.

The group, in a press statement released on Tuesday and signed by its NationalPresident, HakeemSalako, said, any attempt to adopt any non-Awori candidate in Lagos is undemocratic and against the tenets of democracy.

The group condemned the infiltration of non-indigenes of Lagos contesting what it described as ‘exalted and sensitive positions’ in the state against numerous qualified citizens of the state.