South Africa has taken the lead in being the first African country to launch a degree awarding school for

According to LiveMonitor, the country's Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande announced that school which is located in Durban KwaZulu-Natal has opened its doors for students from Monday, March 20, 2017, and will start admitting its first set of students.

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The school which is the first of its kind in Africa, according to the Minister, is to empower those who want to practice witchcraft and wizardry in a modern way and on graduation with a BSc, the witches and wizards would be given licenses to operate.

While launching the school, Minister Nzimande said:

“You need a license to practice witchcraft in South Africa. We are sick and tired of witches operating without licenses.

Just like doctors and engineers; if pastors go to bible college to learn about ministry; witches and wizards should also go to school to learn how to use their gifts so they can operate accordingly.”

To be enrolled in this school which is open to any intending and practicing witch or wizard, one needs to have passed Mathematics and Physical Science in in grade 12.

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Application forms will be made available on the school’s website as soon as it goes live on Wednesday, March 22, 2017.