Just like any other day at the office, the staff of

It is a relaxed environment, one allowing room for free movement even for guests. The privilege soon becomes a loophole explored by a starch-shirted man who had costly motives.

In an empty office, he thinks out a plan to ensure a swift theft and he succeeds. Yet to be identified, he walks out of the radio station unnoticed but doesn't leave alone.

He is one of two menacing figures that are tormenting the city of Lagos and no one can get a firm grip on the individuals.

Like the slippery movement of the fish in the palms, there is no clear-cut idea about how they operate. One is dubbed the crippled thief.

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Just like when lightning strikes

The crippled thief has an efficient method of operation. He has an anomaly for a physique which gives him the perfect covering.

An unsuspecting victim will make him out to be a helpless man with a deformity. This is why he is smooth and has not seen inside a prison.

Some poem lovers and art enthusiast gather at a venue to enjoy the magic of words.

The atmosphere is serene until the crippled thief inserted his fang on the event.

He beats everyone but not the camera. It captures him as he palms a mobile phone. The rumours surrounding his capture following this event remains just that - rumours.

The crippled thief is swift. Just like when lightning strikes.

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A newbie is born and he is I.T inclined

Are you looking for a techie? The identity of a newbie thief is unknown but he seems to value gadgets.

On Friday, August 17, 2018, he reportedly visits the City FM, Lagos as a guest but walks out as the owner of an Apple MacBook.

A surveillance camera captures him as he hides the computing device in a bag.

Unlike a more experienced crippled thief, he fidgets like a beginner as he makes to escape with the valuable.

He has quickly earned a stripe. His host City FM has placed an N50,000 bounty on him.

The newbie and the crippled thief share a similarity. They are I.T inclined.

In between these two, many Smartphones and other tech devices reportedly stolen explains their true desire.

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Earlier reports confirm that they operate in an environment where the chances of meeting a thief a petty thief is slim.

A church, an art event, and two offices are aware of their practice. An awareness inspired by being the victims living in a Lagos that is under attack from starch-shirted thieves.