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Jessica Cuesta had been diving off the eastern coastal city of Benidorm in August when she found the wedding band with the date February 17, 1979 inscribed in it.

She posted a photo of the ring on Facebook, asking for help to track down its owner, and was able to locate them after the post was shared onto the timeline of one of the couple's young relatives.

Ms Cuesta has now given back the ring the to the happy lovers at a village near the northeastern city of Zaragoza yesterday, September, 19th, 2016.

In a video posted by the BBC, Jessica Cuesta said, “When I looked at it in more detail I realised that it had a name on and date and that it was a wedding ring.

“It was then we felt a little bit sad because you think of the poor person that had lost it.”

Agustin Aliaga and his wife Juani Sanchez said they were elated when they discovered that there was a chance to get back the long-lost ring.

It was first planned that the ring will be returned on the 26th of September, but it has now happened a week earlier.

The ring has now been returned to Mr Aliaga who lost it while swimming several months after getting married in 1979.